Quick credit for individuals

There are countless types of credit – consumer credit, credit line, debit, overdraft, and more. Each type of credit fits in, and in some cases, quick credit is beneficial. Quick credit is a loan provided by a non-bank lender to an individual. It involves a high annual interest rate, but fast processing without unnecessary documentation and formalities – that’s why it’s called a quick credit.

How to take a quick loan?

How to take a quick loan?

Although popularly referred to as ‘SMS’ credit, in reality credit can be applied for mostly via the Internet. While credit kits are available at kiosks to apply for a quick credit, instant credit is almost exclusively made online.

To apply for a quick loan, you must have an account with a bank and be a citizen of the Republic of Latvia at least 18 but mostly 19 years old. You can sign up for a quick loan at any lender’s website. One cent must be transferred to the creditor’s account in order to verify the personal details. Once you have signed up with a lender, you can apply for a loan and, if you meet the loan eligibility criteria, you will receive your desired amount in about an quarter of an hour.

Why use Quick Credit?

Really – why not use a fast credit rather than a mortgage or borrow money from your friends? First, when you borrow for the first time, you often get the credit for free – so the rewards are pure material.

Second, borrowing from a non-bank lender is more private, namely, by pledging property that someone may notice is missing, but by borrowing from acquaintances or family you risk damaging relationships with people close to you.

Thirdly, it should also be borne in mind that fast credit is fast. You won’t be able to get your money in the bank or your acquaintances within 15 minutes; there is a seemingly infinite number of documents in the bank, but talking to your acquaintances or family can often lead to a meal or a beer cup, and you won’t know that you won’t be able to get a loan from that person at that time.

Of course, always consider your chances of getting a loan back. Remember, fast credit is a way to cover your short-term financial gap, not a way to inflate your wallet for a while – because there is a risk that it will burst.